where to buy blu electronic cigarette

Where to buy blu electronic cigarette?

I have been reviewing and comparing electronic cigs for several years now. One of the top brands of smokeless cigarettes is the blu electronic cigarette. They were started several years ago by motivated young entrepreneurs who were trying to make their mark.

There were a number of things I liked about blue e-cigarettes, and a few things that I thought could be made better.

First of all, a long battery life is a very nice feature to have in an E-cig. Reason being that always having to charge your battery is a HUGE pain.

The battery in the blu smokeless cig that I tested performed well, but it was not on the same level as the top tier brands on the market.

For smaller companies it’s difficult for them to spend the extra cash to buy the higher quality batteries. The smaller lower grade batteries are much cheaper, and therefore the profit per sale is much higher when the cheaper battery is used.

However, blu is a larger brand. I was expecting a better battery frankly.

Still wondering where to buy blu electronic cigarette? Click here before you buy to see what two brands I rated to be the best value. The second main factor to think about is the atomizer. That is what actually converts the liquid inside the E-cigs into vapor.

I tested the atomizer based on how well it can convert liquid into vapor. Keep in mind that not all atmoizers are not created equal.

The atomizer is the heart and sole of an E-cig. Its what makes it tick. If the atomizer stops working you got nothing.

The blu atomizer did very well and scored in the top tier of atomizers.

I have been writing about and comparing E-cigs like blu for many years.

As of today I have written about and reviewed hundreds different types of electronic cigarettes.

Each day it seems like there is another company contacting me to review their brand of E-cig, or a future customer asking me ' where to buy blu electronic cigarette' ?

I use a step- step-b-step system to rank all the E-cigs in the US that I developed over the course of many years of testing smokeless cigs.

I look at the quality of the atomizer that they use, the customer service of the company, the quality of the factory where the E-cigs are made, and finally the quality of the battery.

There are numerous ways to cut corners when it comes to the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes.

Lots of the brands out there are great at creating this image of their product, but there is little beyond the brand.

Creating a quality product requires the seamless putting together of lots of parts.

You need a good team to market and deal with customer service issues, you need a great high quality factory that is run well, you need quality parts, and finally.

I am over simplifying some, but I think you get the idea.

Blu ecigs are one of many brands that are on the Market. Blu electronic cigarettes started several years ago shortly after E-cigs first came onto the scene and made a splash.

Blu smokeless cigarettes and other companies that make E-cigs should be rewarded for taking action and trying to help Americans stop smoking.

Before I found E-cigs to help me quit,I had tried just about everything but nothing worked.

If you don't know anything about E-cigs you should start at the E-cigs 101 tab to your right. That way you will have a solid understanding how E-cigs like blu smokeless cigarettes work.

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