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Walmart smokeless cigarettes.

Do the nations largest retailers like Walgreen's and Walmart currently sell smokeless cigarettes?

The short answer is NO, Walmart e cigarettes are not for sale online or in their stores.

Walmart did offer a version of the E-cig that was tested against other brands quite some time ago. However, they stopped selling the product after a short period of time. In other words.....

As of today electronic cigarettes are not available in most large retail stores like Kmart, CVS, and of course Walmart.

Walmart smokeless cigarettes might become available at some point in the future. But not as of today.

I have been getting lots of emails lately from people asking me if they can go to their local store and just buy E-cigs. A decided to put this page up after my last email. To put it yet another way.....Walmart smokeless cigarette sales are currently as ZERO.

I hope this answers the question, does Walmart sell smokeless cigarettes?

Most people know that the best place to get smokeless cigs is online.

Online you can find the lowest prices and you can choose from lots of different brands. Electronic cigarettes are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The same types of batteries used in most cell phones.

Most electric cigarettes also contain an electronic airflow sensor for automatic operation.

Batteries can be charged in a number of different ways, using a standard electrical outlet, a USB port, or a conventional cigarette lighter in a car.

Battery life varies depending on the quality of the E-cig, how often it is used, and how frequently you re-charge it.

liquid cartridges are available in lots of different flavors.

Some flavor varieties are similar to traditional cigarette types, such as regular tobacco and menthol, and some even attempt to copy popular cigarette brands, such as Marlboro or Camel.

Also, most electric cigarettes have a red light that activates when you inhale so that the E-cig looks real.

When the liquid in the cartridge is empty, the user can replace it with another cartridge or re-fills the cartridge.

Liquids used to produce vapor in smokeless cigarettes are available as refillable cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes have three primary parts: a cartridge, a microprocessor, and a battery.

The cartridge contains the liquid that is converted into vapor when you inhale. The Cartridge fits inside what looks like a filter on a 'regular cigarette'

The atomizer is what vaporizes the liquid solution so that it can be inhaled.

Sometimes it is referred to as an atomizer or chip.

I hope this helps those of you looking for Walmart smokeless cigarettes get a better idea of how E-cigs work. Thanks for visiting my site!

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