Vapor cigarettes side effects. Watch this video to learn about side effects and risks of using E-cigs

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Vapor cigarettes side effects

I have spent the last several years writing about and reviewing vapor cigarettes. Most people who become interested in vapor cigarettes wonder at some point if there are any side effects associated with using vapor or electronic cigarettes. I want to give you a balanced perspective and help you understand what you need to know about the side effects of vapor cigarettes.

I have been using electronic cigarettes for many years now and use them as an alternative to smoking real cigarettes. I started using E-cigs because my doctor strongly urged me to find another option besides smoking real cigarettes. I won't bore you with the details but let’s just say I tried lots of different options before I found electronic cigarettes. I haven't smoked a real cigarette in over 10 years! And it’s thanks to smokeless cigarettes. Before I tell you what the FDA has had to say about electronic cigarettes, let me tell you that

After many years of smoking vapor cigarettes I have experienced no negative side effects

In fact, because electronic cigarettes helped me stop smoking, if anything I have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall health but especially my lung function. However, I am just one guy, and you should seek out the opinion of medical professionals, therefore I suggest you follow this link to the FDA’s website and read a little about what they have to say about electronic cigarettes. In case you don't want to take the time to visit the FDA's website, here is a paraphrased summary of what the FDA had to say about Vapor cigarettes side effects:

The FDA hasn’t evaluated Vapor cigarettes side effects yet. When the FDA conducted small laboratory exam of samples they were able to find some quality problems that demonstrated that quality control processes used to make E-cigs are not very good. They further found that some liquid cartridges said they contained no nicotine but they contained nicotine.

Scientists have also raised issues that the marketing of products such as e-cigarettes can increase nicotine addiction among young people and may lead kids to try other tobacco products.

As someone who has been reviewing E-cigs for quite a while now, I can tell you that I have

Personally visited the factories where electronic cigarettes are made

After I visited the factories I came to understand why the FDA had noticed some issues in the manufacturing process. In many of the factories safety and quality control were non-existent. In fact in some cases it was scary. I write reviews and compare E-cigs to help consumers make educated decisions and get the best deal on E-cigs. If you are looking for a safe option for E-cigs click the big red button bellow and it will take you to a page that shows my favorite E-cig companies.

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