Smokeless cigarette water vapor VS. real cigarette smoke. Watch this video to understand the difference

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Smokeless cigarette water vapor is nothing like real cigarette smoke.

A smokeless cigarette converts a liquid inside of a cartridge device into a vapor. It works in much the same way a humidifier works.

The vapor that is produced by an vapor cigarette looks like real smoke when the user exhales it. You can even make those nifty smoke rings!

Cigarettes on the other hand create real smoke by burning dried tobacco.

Smokeless cigarette water vapor is made up of the liquid that is contained in the cartridge of the device. That liquid is converted into a vapor mist using an atomizer.

A real cigarette contains dried tobacco. That tobacco produces smoke when it is lit and inhaled into your lungs.

The difference between breathing smoke into your lungs and breathing mist is night and day.

It is well known and widely documented that breathing smoke into your lungs isn't healthy.

On the other hand, breathing a water vapor mist like the one a smokeless cigarette emits is not as well researched and understood.

The million dollar question is if the water vapor mixture that is emitted by an vapor cigarette could potentially cause health risks down the road.

The jury is still out on that one. But most people seem to think that the risk is minimal, and compared to smoking real cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes are many times less risky.

Most of the negative info that has come out about electronic cigarettes has pointed to two things:

1. The nicotine in the cartridges

2. The lack of quality control measures that exist to regulate the manufacturing of these devices.

Of course, you don't have to take me word for it, click the link below to go directly to the FDA's FAQ section about smokeless cigarettes. That should help you get a better understanding of the difference between smokeless cigarettes water vapor and real cigarette smoke, plus an understanding of the safety risks associated with the device.

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If I were in your shoes, my biggest concerns would be that the smokeless cigarettes I purchase were made in a quality environment and the amount of nicotine that was contained in the cartridges that I was inhaling was not to high.

You can control the amount of nicotine by the types of cartridges you order. However, protecting yourself from poor manufacturing is a little more difficult.

You want to be sure that the smokeless cigarette water vapor you are breathing is of the highest quality and isn't filled with dangerous chemicals.

The problem is that you can't exactly call up a company and just ask them if they practice quality control measures when producing the devices. That won't work.

However, you can rely on my site to help you make an informed decision. :-]

I can help you because I have visited many of the factories where smokeless cigarettes are made and I understand how to tell the difference between a good factory and one that is taking risks to save money and as a result producing unsafe poor quality devices.

After visiting many such factories and evaluating the safety in which they devices were being produced, I ranked two types of electronic cigarettes as the best on the market.

The smokeless cigarette water vapor produced by these two companies is of the highest quality. One of the FDA's main issues with smokeless cigarettes was that there was little done at the factories where electronic cigarettes are made to ensure that they were being produced in a safe way.

Its true that most of the factories where smokeless cigarettes are produced are not well run.

However, there are some really great factories that produce high quality devices, but the average consumer wont know the difference.

That's one of the main reasons I created this site. To help people like you find the right electronic cigarettes.

If you are wondering about side effects vapor cigarette side effects are listed here.

For lots of folks, the real question is what would be worse. Smoking real cigarettes or water vapor cigarettes?

I think that most doctors would agree that real cigarettes are far more dangerous that electronic cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarette water vapor may not be better than not smoking at all, but there is little question that it is MUCH better that smoking real cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes are VERY popular in Brazil and all over Europe at the moment.

It always seems that when it comes to stuff like this, we don't seem to catch on quite as fast here in the good old USA.

If you haven't already, you should click the video above and watch this short video about smokeless cigarettes. Water vapor smokeless cigarettes are very different than real cigarettes.

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