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Smoking alternative: A reusable e cigarette

Smoking has been proven to have hazardous effects on the human body. Ever since the dangers of smoking were made known to us through medical research and studies, improvements in treatment and rehabilitation have been popping up in the markets to improve the overall well being of a chain smoker.

It may sound ironic that other than the temporary sensation that gratifies smokers, as opposed to the long term side effects that they may soon have to deal with, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for them as far as calling it quits is concerning.

A chain smoker may find it very difficult to get rid of this harmful habit due mainly to his dependence on nicotine which is the prevalent substance in tobacco that is used to manufacture cigarettes. Cigarette smoke once inhaled lets nicotine pass immediately through the lungs, where it is delivered and absorbed into the body’s bloodstream.

This substance being a stimulant creates a feeling of euphoria or pleasure. On the downside, it can also produce involuntary muscle twitches, rapid breathing, abdominal cramps and even depression to name a few.

Over time, the body being a flexible mechanism may be able to acquire a certain level of tolerance to this drug’s effects.

This may just be a problem in itself because you’d have to maintain that level of nicotine intoxication otherwise you would be dealing with the often adverse and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that are associated with the suppression of any addictive drugs.

This is primarily the reason why smokers find it hard to quit.It is therefore a work of ingenuity that Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik was able to come up with the electronic cigarette in 2003. The brilliant idea is to come up with a device that really just mimics the act of smoking, or to resemble smoking, but with less or no adverse effect on the body.

The reusable e cigarette releases a mist like vapor that resembles cigarette smoke by vaporizing a liquid solution using heat or ultrasonic’s in some cases.

The reusable e cigarette design generally has three main components namely, the mouthpiece, an atomizer and the battery unit. The mouthpiece usually houses the absorbent, sponge-like material where the liquid solution to be vaporized is stored. It is open on both ends and is designed to allow the mist to escape into the user’s mouth when inhaled.

The atomizer, as it is referred to in the industry, is the heating mechanism that vaporizes the liquid solution so mist can be produced.

This has to be replaced periodically as the accompanying filament tends to burn out after a while though replacement time varies based on usage and manufacturing conditions. The last component is the battery unit which typically is the biggest component in any electronic cigarettes.

The unit houses the logic board and the battery itself but for simplicity we’ll just refer to it as the “battery’. They come with different charging options such as the regular A/C adapters, USB or even car chargers.

So go right ahead and look for an reusable e cigarette store online. You’ll never know as this may be the best option for you to be totally smoke-free for the rest of your life.

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