Before considering a nicotine inhaler take a look at electronic cigarettes! Here is a great video that introduces the product

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If you are considering a nicotine inhaler you should watch this video about electronic cigarettes first.

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It is known that both health and environment are the most commonly conversed topics currently worldwide. In this case if you are a cigarette consumer, you are aware that your smoking habit is detrimental to the two. Therefore you should consider making the shift from the regular traditional cigarette smoking habit to electronic cigarette smoking. The e-cigarette kits were made available to the market in the year 2003 and by then the reception among the users was lukewarm.

Majority of the consumers, particularly those that were intending to quit smoking were interested about this new product. Others, however, contemplated that the electronic cigarette smoking was no better than the other smoking alternatives such as; gums, patches, nicotine inhaler and cinnamon sticks and candies.

The use of these other alternatives commonly known as the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is not as effective as the use of electronic cigarettes. This is because with the e-cigarette the smokers have the same sensation and taste as the regular cigarettes while with NRT’s they never equal the sensation they had from smoking the normal traditional cigarettes. And,studies have shown nicotine inhaler users are less likely to use their inhaler on a regular basis compared to an E-cigarette.

The electronic cigarette’s battery is limited according to the time period with which the consumers can puff their cigarette and this is usually for several days of smoking unlike the regular cigarettes which once they are over they should be disposed off. In other words, electronic cigarette smoking can be re-used.

The electronic cigarettes has several features which include; lack of smelly breath, lack of yellow tints after smoking, lack carbon monoxide, lack of smoke production which can be harmful to the public. Many people may wonder how the electronic cigarettes assist in quitting smoking and if it is is better than a nicotine inhaler.

The answer to this is very simple. The electronic cigarettes cartridges have different nicotine strength and flavor. There are regular, apple, strawberry, menthol flavored electronic cigarette cartridges. The nicotine strengths include; the medium, full and light.

Due to these different nicotine strengths, the cigarette consumer can easily quit smoking by shifting from the full strength which has high nicotine content to the light strength which contains less nicotine content.

Albeit the e-cigarettes are much healthier than the tobacco substance, the nicotine content in them is very addictive. Therefore this should not encourage those who don’t smoke to start but for the smokers it’s the best way to quit smoking.

The electronic cigarettes are available worldwide and are the best recommended effective cigarette smoking quitting methods. Having read this article you should have no reason of not purchasing an electronic cigarette. It is also advisable to view the company’s name before purchasing the electronic cigarettes.

This is because there are some Chinese imitation of the e-cigarettes which might seem very cheap available currently in the market. These imitations are charged half the normal price of the branded electronic cigarettes and resemble the actual electronic cigarettes.

These are just unscrupulous merchants who have traversed the electronic cigarette bandwagon in order to profit from their substandard products. Try using the e-cigarettes as they are the best smoke quitting alternative.

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