Before you buy mystic smokeless cigarettes you should know......

Mystic was recently voted the lowest quality and worst E-cig brand on the market

I have been writing about and reviewing electronic cigarettes for about 5 years. Mystic smokeless cigarettes are very popular because they are sold at many gas stations and are pretty cheap.

But....They tend to last only a month or two and there are other brands out there that work MUCH better and are just a few dollars more.

Mystic uses the cheapest atomizer on the market. The atomizer is just what converts the liquid into vapor. The concentration of vapor that the atomizer produces is at about a 45% concentration.

The brands I recommend produce vapor at about a 98% concentration AND they tend to last YEARS. Not months

Here are two brands that you should consider BEFORE you buy mystic smokeless cigarettes


Smokeless Delite

Starter Packs from $19.95

Here are two great videos about E-cigs you may like to watch if you are looking for mystic smokeless cigarettes

When I rate brands of E-cigs like mystic smokeless cigaretes I use system where I will take a look at the atomizer, the battery, the style, and the customer service of a company.

I don’t work for any particular company so it doesn’t matter to me one way or another the brand you choose. After using many different types of cigs I can tell you first hand that the battery life is very important.

There are some brands out there, and I won’t name any names, that use the cheapest batteries on the market. Those batteries don’t last very long and take forever to charge. I have even heard some horror stories of batteries actually starting to leak fluid! This has never happened to me thank goodness!

The battery that is used in Pure electronic cigarettes is not to bad at all. In fact overall it was in the top 10 of all the major brands. But alas, Pure cigs didn’t quite crack the top two spots.

For smaller companies it’s difficult for them to spend the extra cash to buy the higher quality batteries. The smaller lower grade batteries are much cheaper, and therefore the profit per sale is much higher when the cheaper battery is used.

What’s more is that most customers won’t know the difference and don’t think about battery life when they buy, so it is risky for an E-cig company to spend the extra cash on a better battery. The second major expense in production is the atomizer.

The atomizer is the device inside the E-cig that converts the liquid inside the cartridge into a vapor mist. That vapor mist is what people often refer to as smoke.

But, it’s not smoke. The atomizer in pure smokeless cigarettes rated number 7 on my list of the top atomizers. Not a bad finish considering how many different companies there are out there.

However, they were not able to compete with some of the larger brands who can afford to spend the extra cash on the best atomizers on the market.

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