Before you buy mystic e cigarettes you should check out these two brands.

Mystic e cigs tend to only last about a month or two....

Here are two brands that sell E-cigs that tend to last longer than mystic e cigarettes and are in the same price range

Starter Packs from $19.95

Smokeless Delite

mystic smokeless cigarettes came onto the market about 4 years ago. They did well because they were sold at gas stations and were pretty cheap. The brand was started by a young start up company out of China.

I review e cigs like mystic e cigs for a living. While mystic e cigarettes tend to score really well when it comes to price they dont tent to last very long.

The atomizer is a low grade atomizer. What that basically means is that the amount of mist or vapor that the mystic e cigarettes produce is relatively low. And the atomizer tends to break after a few months.

For just a few bucks more you can get a better e cig than the mystic e cigs you see at lots of gas stations.

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I started using E-cigs many years ago in an effort to stop smoking. I was a pack a day smoker for many years and it nearly killed me. I tryied everything I could to stop smoking and NOTHING worked. Then I found E-cigs and quitting was much easier. Before I purchased my first E-cig I tested different brands and like you I wondered how safe are smokeless cigarettes. After doing my homework I decided that E-cigs were much safer than regular cigarettes and any risks were far out weighed by the benifits of not smoking real cigarettes. I have not touched a real cigarette in several years.

While electronic cigarettes can come in different styles, they all share the same basic parts. The mouthpiece is the small cup that is attached to the end of the cigarette as the cartridge. The mouthpiece consists of a spongy material that is mad wet by a flavored liquid.

When the liquid runs out it can be replaced by more or by another cartridge. The heating element, also known as the atomizer, vaporizes the liquid so that it can be inhaled as a liquid mist. Most smokeless cigarettes use a rechargeable battery to power the atomizer.

There are several ways to charge an E-cig battery. There are wall chargers that you would plug into the wall much like a cell phone wall charger. You can also use a USB charger that plugs into a computer.

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