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If you are looking for marlboro electronic cigarettes then you should check out the link above.I have been writing about and reviewing E-cigs for many years now. After testing and re-testing E-cigs I found a brand that I think smells and tastes like Marlboro.

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How Do You Use marlboro Electronic Cigarettes?

The biggest obstacle for those considering a switch to electronic cigarettes is learning to use the devices to obtain the desired effect. Review of manufacturer instructions, as well as the guide below will ensure a good experience from the very first puff.


The easiest way to gather all the materials you will need is to purchase a starter kit, offered by almost all electronic distributors. Once you are ready to begin, the first step is to verify your battery is charged, and if not, place it on the charger. Uncharged batteries typically take around three hours to get a complete charge.

Putting Together Your Two-Piece marlboro Electronic Cigarette - Atomizers for the two-piece model come pre-filled. Once your battery is charged, remove packaging from a atomizer and gently screw it on to the battery. For automatic models, no additional action is required – you are ready to test out your product. If you selected a manual switch, you will need to press the tiny button near the top of the electronic cigarette as you inhale.

Putting Together Your Three-Piece Electronic Cigarette – Begin by removing the empty shipping cartridge that comes attached to the atomizer. Wipe the pieces with a soft cloth to remove any liquid coating applied before shipping. Holding the threaded end down, shake the atomizer firmly to remove any liquid contained inside. Taking an additional moment to blow through the atomizer will ensure all liquid has been expelled.

Wipe away any extraneous liquid. Gently screw the battery onto the atomizer. After shaking your liquid refill, use the glass dropper to tip to place three drops into the atomizer as primer. Replace the empty shipping cartridge on the atomizer. Take a number of drags without inhaling the resulting vapor. This will help you to avoid an unpleasant taste as the atomizer begins working for the first time.

Once this is complete, remove the empty shipping cartridge and discard it. Blow through the atomizer again and wipe it down thoroughly. You have now removed all shipping liquid. Put another two drops of liquid into the atomizer.

Remove packaging from a pre-filled cartridge and attach it to the open end of the atomizer. For automatic models, no additional action is required – you are ready to test out your product. If you selected a manual switch, you will need to press the tiny button near the top of the electronic cigarette as you inhale.

Note: Do not allow liquid on your skin, as the nicotine can be absorbed though the skin. Immediately wash off any spills.

First Puff

For two-piece models, the cartridge end goes into your mouth, and should be primed by taking several drags without inhaling. After a few of these, the electronic cigarette will produce vapor.

Trouble shooting – If no vapor is produced, there are two possible issues. First, verify that the atomizer you selected was full. An empty atomizer will not produce vapor. Second, check for the bottom of the atomizer for a plug blocking the air hole. These are occasionally placed on the product for safe shipping.


marlboro lectronic cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes in how they are used. Rather than taking a hard drag like you would with a tobacco cigarette, only pull gently on the electronic version. Too much pressure will pull liquid into your mouth. Do this for longer than you would with tobacco products (approximately three seconds), as the atomizer needs to heat up. Vapor should stay in your mouth, not inhaled into the lungs.

Use the marlboro electronic cigarette for twice as a long as you would a traditional cigarette, as only about half the amount of nicotine is delivered in the same amount of time.

Most important, have patience with your electronic cigarette, and practice as you would any new skill. Don’t get frustrated. Millions of users have learned to make the switch.

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