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Tobacco Smoking vs. jc penny Electronic Cigarettes

The practice of smoking began as early as the ancient civilization and before the coming of Christ, primarily as a religious offering thru rituals, and later on was adopted for pleasure or as a social interaction tool.

While real cigarettes were met with criticisms, jc penny smokeless cigarettes would be met with great excitement by their customers should they become available for sale.

Today, we are more aware how smoking can wreak havoc on our health. Almost everyone knows that aside from heart disease, tobacco smoking can cause cancer and emphysema, and that it will definitely shorten our lives by around ten years or more. In addition, the amount spent by smokers on such habit can cost thousand of dollars per year.

Studies have shown that people start smoking for a variety of different reasons. Some begin smoking because their friends and family members smoke. It is also quite alarming that tobacco users start even before they reach the age of 18 simply because they think it looks cool. However, of course, almost all of them never expected that in, the long run they will become addicted to smoke.

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive, and that is the reason why smoking as a habit is very hard to break. Same as in the case of heroin and other addictive drugs, the mind and body can quickly become so used to the nicotine content of cigarettes that a smoker needs to have it just to feel normal.

Loss of appetite and weight loss are the basic manifestations of diseases acquired thru tobacco smoking, and before you know it, smoker’s cough signals that your lungs are already in danger.Smoking cessation, or simply “quitting” depends on a number of methods such as nicotine replacement therapy, anti-depressants, hypnosis, self help and support groups from family and friends only adds up to a very small number of “quitters.”

Government intervention of imposing higher taxes on cigarettes has not significantly reduced the smoking population.

Electronic cigarettes like the jc penny smokeless cigarettes that are not yet for sale online or in their stores are the best alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes as the name implies, is an electrical gadget that simulates the actual smoking process.

The jc penn smokeless cigarettes that may or may not be for sale at some point in the future on there website will more than likely look like a real cigarette, with the same taste and the feel of the physical sensation being experienced by a tobacco smoker. It also saves you a considerable amount of money since it is way cheaper by as much as 70% than traditional cigarettes.

It emits no carbon monoxide, so one can use it anywhere without posing any danger to peoples wellness.

Its vapor like smoke is totally harmless yet it feels the same as tobacco smoking.

Luckily, over usage will not be a problem with e-cigarettes, since it comes with an auto shut off configuration. It will not compromise your health and will definitely save your life.

Electronic cigarettes are the ultimate solution for smokers that have tried to break free of the habit, but failed. And if jc penny smokeless cigarettes were available online I bet they would be a good value. But alas...they are not :-[

Environmental advocates have been endorsing electronic cigarettes since there are no cigarette butts to dispose of, and therefore much less remains to pollute the earth.

Another minor but definitely a welcome incentive is the fact that e-cigarettes don’t produce any residual ash so there’s no need for an ashtray. jc penny smokeless cigarettes also would produce no ashes should they become available for sale.

Check back online to see if jc penny smokeless cigarettes become available for sale at some point in the future. Thanks.

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