How do electronic cigarettes taste? Watch this video and read below for all the answers

How do electronic cigarettes taste?

Smoking an electronic cig is a totally different experience than smoking a real cig. One of the first questions that I usually get when people find out that I write reviews and smoke E-cigs is, ‘how do electronic cigarettes taste?

Electronic cigarettes ‘smoke’ is really a vapor mist similar to a humidifier. They come in many different flavors and nicotine concentrations.

The taste of the ‘smoke’ will depend mostly on the flavor that you choose that the nicotine concentration.

When you inhale an electronic cigarette you are literally breathing in heated water vapor that has flavor and nicotine added to it.

There are flavors available that are similar to real cigarettes, and there are off the wall flavors like cherry or raspberry.

I have tried some of the fruity tasting E-cigs and personally I am not a fan. You may like them but I found them not to be my cup of tea. I like the E-cigs that taste similar to real cigs with a small amount of nicotine in them.

You can get E-cigs with different levels of nicotine in them, depending on your individual preferences. I started off using the highest nicotine concentrations, now the refill cartridges that I buy have almost no nicotine in them.

Smokeless cigs work by converting a liquid inside a cartridge into a vapor mist using an atomizer.

The atomizer works much like a mini humidifier. It takes the liquid and converts it into the vapor mist that is inhaled into the lungs.

E-cigs are becoming very popular in the US, but they are still no where near as popular here as they are in Europe and Brazil.

The best place to get started with E-cigs is a starter kit. You can get a starter kit without any risk by

visiting this page. In Brazil they say that electronic cigarettes taste just like real cigarettes minus the smoke.

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