Before you buy a Fuma Electronic cigarette make sure you check out this site. This company was beat fuma 87% of the time in head to head testing

Here is a great video that mentions fuma E-cigs

Fuma Electronic cigarettes were started several years ago during what can only be known as a brand explosion.

In a short period of time over 50 brands of electronic cigarettes burst onto the market. Fuma smokeless cigarettes were one of those brands. They were a little late to the party though, there were already numerous other companies out there who were making electronic cigarettes and who had been perfecting them for many years.

Never the less Fuma decided to enter the market with their version of the smokeless cigarette. When I first got may hand on the Fuma smokeless cigarette I was impressed.

It looked good and it had a nice feel. But looks can be deceiving. So I decided to do some more testing and I went thought the standard group of tests that I always perform. I tested the atomizer of the Fuma electronic cigarette, I tested the battery life, and I tested the customer service people. After going through all my usual rounds of testing I must say I was impressed.

Fuma scored in the top 10 of all brands out there. They did not quite make it to the top one or two spots, but over all they did well.

I think they will continue to improve and eventually challenge the top one and two smokeless cigarettes on the market. Overall, Ecigs have gotten much better over the years, and the latest version, version 2.0 of the Fuma E-cig was much better than their first version.

But for the time being Fuma electronic cigarettes have a little catching up to do. There are two main reasons some of the top brands don't quite make it to the number one and two spots. Its usually the battery life of the atomizer.

One of the two or both normally don't quite make the cut. You see, getting the best atomizer and the top battery costs a little more. So most new and smaller firms don't want to spend the extra money to get the level one atomizer and level one battery.

Instead they seek out the cheaper models and in the end most consumers don't know the difference. _

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