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If you like Marlboro light then you will love this E-cig. I smoked marlboro light cigs for 20 years and this is the only brand I have found that tastes like marlboro light

If you looking for " electronic cigarettes marlboro light " Then you are probably like me.....You smoked marlboro lights and you want to find a brand of E-cigs that tastes like Marlboro lights.

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Before I started smoking E-cigs I wondered, ' can electronic cigarettes hurt your lungs '?. I did the research and decided that for me the risk of not giving electronic cigarettes a try was to high.

I started smoking years ago when there was even less known about smokeless cigarettes than we now know.

I use E-cigs as an alternative to smoking real cigarettes.

Here is what you need to know about electronic cigarettes safety issues:

1. Electronic cigarettes are still very new, and extensive testing has not been done on them yet.

2. Electronic cigarettes convert a liquid solution that contains nicotine into a vapor mist that is ihaled into the lungs. 'smoking' an electronic cigarette is very different that smoking a real cigarette.

3. Electronic cigarettes contain an addictive substance, nicotine.

4. The FDA has said that one of the concerns with E-cigs is the way they are made. They found that there issues with production.

I have visited many of the factories where E-cigs are made and I can tell you there are HUGE differences in how they are made.

Some factories are great, others are down right dangerous.

That was one of the reasons I put this website up, to help consumers get objective info so they could make an informed decision.

If you are still wondering, ' can electronic cigarettes hurt your lungs '? You should visit the link and read what the FDA has to say.

I have been smoking E-cigs for several years now and I have not had any issues. In fact, my health has gotten much better becuase I no longer need to smoke real cigarettes.

For me the choice was either smoking real cigarettes or smoking electronic cigarettes. Smoking E-cigs is a much healthier choice.

In fact, my lung function according to my doctor has improved by 45% over the last few years.

When people ask me, ' can electronic cigarettes hurt your lungs '? I tell them the truth. For me, inhaling a vapor mist into my lungs is a much better option that using real cigarettes and breathing a known killer into my lungs.

" electronic cigarettes marlboro light " is a very popular search online. you are not alone.

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