Can you put weed in an electronic cigarette? The answer is YES YOU CAN!!!! Click this link to go directly to the E-cig brand that works the best for putting weed in an E-cig.

I have tried several brands and after lots of trial and error I found this particualr brand worked for "smoking" weed with an E-cig.

Here are some videos to help you answer the question can you put weed in an electronic cigarette ? The videos should also help you understand the process of using the E-cig to "smoke" weed.

I say "smoke" with quotations because you are really vaporizing not smoking. BIG difference.

Vaporizing allows you to absorb all the good stuff about weed into your system without all the nasty stuff.

Can you put weed in an electronic cigarette?

The short answer is yes, you can put weed into an electronic cigarette. In fact, you can put any kind of plant that people smoke into an electronic cigarette.

Here is another greate video about E-cigs

Here is the step by step process to use an electronic cigarette to 'smoke' weed

To start off, it not entirely accurate to say that you 'smoke' an electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes don't create smoke, they convert liquid into water vapor that can be inhaled into the lungs, like a humidifier.

Inside an E-cig there are cartridges that contain liquid. That liquid is converted into a vapor that look like real smoke.

After the liquid inside the cartridge is empty you can either refill the cartridge or buy a new one.

You can fill the empty cartridge inside the E-cig with an kind of liquid you desire.

However, if you want to use it to vaporize a plant, here are step by step instructions.

After reading this you will be able to answer the questions ' can you put weed into an electronic cigarette '?


Take the dried plant that you would like to smoke and grind it up using a coffee grinder into a fine dust. Its very important that the plant is ground into a very fine dust.

I have generally found that I have to spend a fair amount of time grinding and re-grinding the plant.

I like to use the hand held coffee grinders that I can shake around while the plant is being ground. You are going to want make sure that you are using the kind of grinder that will allow you to gain access to the fine dust that results from the grinding process. The grinder I use cost me about 20 dollars.


Use a screen to remove the larger parts of the plant and filter the remaining substance into a small dish.

You can purchase small screen at smoke shops or online.

The purpose of this step is to remove the parts of the plant that won't easily be delivered to your into your system via water vapor. The small dust like particles are combined with the water and delivered into your system via the E-cig.

You can separate the ground plant by using a small knife or spoon and gently removing the more finely ground parts of the plant.

The finer the better. It won't do you any good to use the larger pieces of the plant.


Put two to three tablespoons of water into the dish. Mix the substance using a knife or spoon. The amount of water you put into the dish is going to depend on the volume of ground plant that you have. You are not going to need much water or much plant in order to have enough liquid for the next step. Keep in mind as you are completing this step that the resulting liquid will be injected into the electronic cigarette cartridge.


Put the liquid substance into the E-cig cartridge. You can use a syringe or other similar device depending on the type of E-cig you have.


When people ask, me can you put weed in an electronic cigarette? I always start by explaining that there are lots of different ways to get the effects of smoking herbs without actually smoking them.

You can eat them, bake them into food, and vaporize them just to name a few.

Vaporizing weed is a much healthier option than smoking.So when I get asked, Can you put weed in an electronic cigarette, I usually say yes, but you need to learn the right way to do it.

The final step in the process after you have injected your liquid substance into the cartridge is to 'smoke' your favorite herb.

Be careful the first time you try this. Consuming the herb this way can give you more of the affects of the herb that smoking it. It's actually one of the most effective methods to deliver THC into the body.

Also, depending on how well you grind up the plant, you may only get a few uses out of the cartridge. However, if you clean it after use, it will tend to last much longer.

I hope this helps answer the question 'can you put weed in an electronic cigarette'?

Happy vaporizing!

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