Looking for Newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavor?

Here is a link to a Newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavored e cigarette brand. After testing lots of brands I decided THIS brand taisted the most like Newport Menthols.

I smoked Newports for about 23 years before I decided that I wanted to try e cigarettes. I tried Lots of different brands before I found the brand that made a newport electronic cigarette menthol flavored product.

I have tried ALL the other brands and this brand tastes JUST like the newport cigs I was used to.

If you want to shop around and compare prices and brands I suggest that you click on the compare deals tab. All of those brands are top notch.

But the brand that best compares to newports can be found by clicking the link above!

Here are some great videos about e cigs if you want to learn more about them!

If you are looking for newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavor I suggest you click the link above or watch the videos on this site. I have also included this article:


You can read reviews, shop and compare to find the best electronic cigarettes all on this site.

Recently the FDA analyzed the ingredients in a small sample of cartridges from two brands of e-cigarettes.

In one sample, the FDA’s analyses detected a chemical used in antifreeze that is toxic to humans.


Not to worry though, not all manufactures of smokeless cigarettes are evil. There are plenty of good guys out there you just have to know how to tell the difference.

That's where I come in.

Before we go any further allow me to briefly introduce myself.

I got interested in electronic cigarettes a few years ago, I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say I was REALLY motivated to find an alternative to cigarette smoking.

I had tried TONS of alternatives to smoking, but smokeless cigarettes were the only option that not only worked, but I also enjoyed.

When I went out into the world to try and find an unbiased perspective on electronic cigarettes I didn’t have any luck. There were a few folks out there claiming to be experts, but they didn’t seem to really know what they were talking about.

So I decided to become an expert. I read everything I could, and I purchased just about every brand out there and started doing my own independent testing.

I even went as far as to visit many of the factories where smokeless cigs are made. It was shocking to see the differences in quality between one factory and another.

The electronic cigarette industry is booming. The past two years in particular have seen the number of providers rocket as new manufacturers seek to take advantage of e-cigarettes popularity. But only one brand so far has made a newport electronic cigarette menthol flavored product.

Solid statistics about the industry are difficult to come by, but the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association claims the industry is worth between 5-10 million.

In addition, 500,000-650,000 of us are expected to be using e-cigarettes by the end of 2012 .

***Looking for newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavor? Click the link at the top of the page for the e cig brand that offers an e cigarette that tastes just like newport menthols!***

Most e cigarettes, including newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavored, are comprise of three basic parts: a cartridge, which forms the mouthpiece; an atomizer as the heating element and a battery that powers the atomizer.

These parts are put into one piece that could appear just like a regular cigarette.

So how do electronic cigarettes work?

To understand the workings of e cigs, it is first necessary to first understand each part of the product in detail and how they piece up together.

The cartridge forms the mouthpiece end of the cigarette, and is the reservoir that is filled with the flavored e-liquid from which vapor is drawn. It is a small container that can be disposed of or refilled when the liquid has been used up. It is attached to the atomizer, to which it supplies the e-liquid for heating.

Many cartridges come pre-filled with liquid containing nicotine and flavoring, and are as such commonly referred to as nicotine cartridges. The presence – and level – of nicotine in the solution is however up to the user’s preference.

To prevent a scenario where this liquid could mix up with the vapor being sucked into the user’s mouth, side channels are included in the casing of the mouthpiece for passage of vapor.

Typical cartridges are filled with liquid that lasts about 20 times more than a traditional cigarette, effectively equating one cartridge to a pack of cigarettes.

This liquid is contained in the cartridge and is also known as ‘e-juice’. The composition of e-liquid varies depending on the needs of the user. But the common solution in all is propylene glycol and or glycerin. Both substances are regarded in medical circles as virtually harmless.

***Looking for newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavor? Click the link at the top of the page for the e cig brand that offers an e cigarette that tastes just like newport menthols!***

The battery forms the other end of the e-cigarette. It is the longest part, with an LED light that glows red (or blue in some) at the end to signal activation during a puff.

This obviously simulates the action of traditional cigarettes, helping the user to get a feel of a similar smoking experience. This battery is screwed onto the atomizer and is responsible for the supply of power needed to activate the heating element. Newer models do not include a manual switch for activation as this happens automatically during each drag.

Electronic cigarette batteries are made of lithium ion and are rechargeable. They can be charged just the same way as other electronics, including with the use of a USB charger.

It is worth noting that there are 3 variations of electronic cigarettes though they all work the same. There’s the 3-piece cigarette, which is what has been described above: the cartridge, atomizer and battery are all independent parts. The 2-piece system ( Which is what I used) fuses the cartridge with the atomizer – called a cartomizer – they are cheaper to replace than atomizers which do degrade after some time.

There are also the 1-piece disposable models, a convenient but more expensive option, coming with a pre-charged battery and without the option of refilling the cartridge.

Most solutions contain nicotine which is added in specific measures – zero to extra high nicotine. Flavorings like apple, coffee, strawberry, menthol and many others can be added to the user’s taste.

I've read many electonic cigarettes reviews online where many people have raised questions on how much safer Newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavored are compared to traditional newport cigarettes.

***Looking for newport electronic cigarettes menthol flavor? Click the link at the top of the page for the e cig brand that offers an e cigarette that tastes just like newport menthols!***

If you are looking for electronic cigarettes newport flavored then you might like to read this article:

You've probably seen somebody using one of these things that kind of looks like a cigarette, and is used like a cigarette, but it doesn't have any smoke, and it doesn't have a burning tip. People can be seen in restaurants, clubs, bars, and just about any public place enjoying an electronic cigarette - they're still legal to use in most localities.

These little miracles are becoming more popular every day, but many people are confused about them - do they have nicotine, are they safe, are they legal? What are electronic cigarettes? And do electronic cigarette newport flavored e cigs exist?

Here are the answer to these FAQ's

1. Yes. They do have nicotine. But you can get them without it.

2. Yes. I think they are safe. But dont take my word for it. Read what the FDA has to say here.

3. Yes. They are legal

4. Yes. Newport flavored electronic cigarettes do exist.

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes are structured to look and feel like authentic cigarettes, but provide the experience of smoking without inhaling tobacco and its many harmful chemicals.

You can purchase them in a starter kit which includes all necessary components to start smoking the cigarettes. There are some manufactures that also provide cartridges in different flavors to improve the taste of the cigarette. The purchase of replacement cartridges is less expensive than purchasing packets of real cigarettes.

Smokers have heard the message over and over again about the dangers of tobacco; so it is expected that those wishing to experiment with electronic cigarettes will ask the question Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? You can read what the FDA has to say by following the link.

The vaporized liquid is stored in the cartridge component, and is turned into vapor using a system first developed in its modern form in 2003. The liquid contains nicotine and flavorings which make the vapor taste more like tobacco - menthol and other flavors are available as well. My favroite is electronic cigarette newport flavored e cigs becuase that is what I used to smoke. .

Using an e-cig, a smoker gets several important parts of the smoking experience, without the harmful ones. What you don't get with an e-cigarette are the tars and additives that come with the smoke. What you do get is real nicotine that satisfies your cravings. You also get something that looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette in the hand, and has a lit-up tip like a tobacco cigarette. Plus, you have the psychological bonus of being able to hold it in the fingers, bring it up to the mouth, place it on the lips, and inhale - all of these are parts of the smoking experience that a smoker misses when attempting to quit. The vapor actually feels good in the mouth and in the throat, and it's cool and mild, unlike real cigarettes.

What are electronic cigarettes besides being a healthier way to satisfy your need for nicotine? They're environmentally friendly - no more cigarette butts thrown out the window or dropped on the sidewalk. They're safe because they have no fire-starting potential. They're legal to use in places that you used to be able to smoke tobacco. They're relatively cheap compared to real cigarettes. They give your lungs a break from the harmful stuff that cigarettes have. And they really are a dream come true for tobacco users.

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Electronic cigarettes mimic the actual cigarettes both in their physical appearance as well as their ability to deliver nicotine content.

These cigarettes are designed to help the cigarettes users to break their habit. The basic idea is to minimize the amount of nicotine consumption by having different nicotine strength cartridges. The water vapor produced is harmless and blown out just as a normal cigarette smoke.

Having the same appearance and taste as normal cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes operate differently.

For instance they do not essentially burn any tobacco, but instead, during the inhalation of electronic cigarette a flow censor that releases a kind of a nicotine water vapor is usually activated. This vapor including the nicotine also contains propylene as well as an odor that simulates the essence of the real tobacco.

The e-cigarettes can help you satisfy your nicotine craving without resulting to any cancer source causes that are so common with the real traditional cigarettes like the glue, hydrocarbons and tar. .

There are however a large number of Chinese imitations of the electronic cigarettes which might seem very cheap available currently in the market. But make no mistake, a cheap imitation is nothing like a top rated electronic cigarette.

These imitations are charged half the normal price of the top rated electronic cigarettes and resemble the actual electronic cigarettes. It is therefore important to consult or keenly observe before purchasing the e-cigarette.

The traditional cigarette on the other hand is very harmful to one’s health. This is because of its contents which include; glue, hydrocarbons and tar. Excessive consumption of the traditional cigarette often results to ailments such as lung cancer, mouth ulcers and throat cancer.

******If you are looking for Newport flavored electronic cigarettes I suggest you click the link at the top of this page! ******